Green Landscape Designs added complimentary plantings to enhance an existing succulent garden space and create a dramatic garden niche.
Welcome to Green Landscape Designs 
At Green Landscape Designs, we believe that gardens are essential to enhancing our lives both emotionally and aesthetically. Green Landscape Designs will work with you to create a unique garden design to address your personal garden and landscape needs. Whether you want to enhance your home's appearance, create a leisurely retreat, or design an outdoor recreation area, Green Landscape Designs is there to work with you and guide you through the process.
Green Landscape Designs is able to provide a variety of landscape designs to complement your new or existing home or garden. Whether you prefer a cottage garden, a succulent garden, drought tolerant (xeriscape) landscaping, California native plants, a Mediterranean garden or a tropical lush garden, Green Landscape Designs will design a custom garden to meet your needs and complement your home.
Need help with an existing garden?  Many well designed gardens can become overgrown in time and may just need a little manicuring and additional planting where mature plants have out lived their lifespans. We are happy to help you refresh and revitalize an existing garden or redesign problem areas to meet your current needs.

Green Landscape Designs can also provide landscape consultation on a variety of garden design elements including: paving, patios, walkways and paths, decking, fencing, water features, and special landscape accents including garden sculptures and decorative potted plants. We can also advise and assist in the selection of garden structures, outdoor furniture and other amenities to create your ideal outdoor living environment.
Green Landscape Designs goal is to listen to our clients needs and to help them achieve an aesthetically and emotionally appealing landscape design solution. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your landscape needs.
Green Landscape Designs is located in West Los Angeles, CA.

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